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in Tartu 24-27.05
Come with us to discover an amazing world not so far away!

Why and what?

  1. From the need to promote what's beautiful about Poland 
  2. Because we're proud about where we come from
  3. Goal is to spark an interest, and encourage people to visit Poland - and experience it on their own
Polish Culture Days hosted by Joanna Dobosz and University of Tartu
is a four day event with lectures, workshops and many other ways to discover polish culture.
We will engage in 10+ activity blocks, across 4 days.

Many of our activities are totally free to participate!
On Thursday we will co-host a concert, Friday is heavy on workshops (and you can get a discount in printing museum), thanks to a partnership with Tartu Toy museum we will be able to create family and kids friendly workshops on Saturday - ending it all is Sunday with Polish Lecture and an Escape room. That's a lot! If you would ever feel confused we made it easy for you to find and add any event you might find interesting into your scheldue.

Activities, workshops, lectures will be run by visiting lecturers from University of Silesia, our own Joanna Dobosz and members of Polish community in Tartu. We are passionate both about Polish and Estonia and we can't wait to bring you some of sounds and tastes of home for you to enjoy! We have a lot to tell, and we are hoping that we will find ears ready to listen, share and experience.

In case of any questions, problems or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us!


Full list of activities and updates are on our facebook.


19:00 - Organ concert
by Krzysztof Urbaniak
Free for everyone


11:30 - Creating Toys  
Toy Museum 
4/5 eur, ticket price

13:00 - Vegan Brunch  
Various prices

15:00 - Polish Dances  
Genialistide Klubi
Free for everyone


Meet all of the people that made it happen!

Joanna Dobosz

Joanna is the main organizer of the event. She will lead culinary and handicraft workshops for you, as well as a Polish language lesson.
A proud Silesian woman^^

Patryk Jarzębski

A boy from Łowicz who came to Estonia only for the weekend ... and after two years of living in Tartu he is still enchanted by a magic of this tiny country on the Baltic coast 😊

Agnieszka Kuntz

"You can usually meet me in the Estonian Print and Paper Museum, where I will be more than happy to give you a tour, but I could also give you a city tour in Tartu or help to make Polish-Estonian translation"

Mari-Ann Loosaar

"I have participated in many Polish dance workshops, camps and festivals. In my opinion, Polish dances create a lot of pleasure and challenge at the same time. Therefore, it is always exciting and joyful""

Jason Mario Dydynski

"Im from the U.S. but come from a mixed Polish and Italian background. I do all sorts of art including digital art and street art, but origami and paper crafting are my specialties."

Marge Pärnits

So, I'm working in Tartu Toy Museum and Polish culture has been already more than 10 years in my heart. I do enjoy the sound of language, I do love the Polish pattern and Polish music.

Jacek Cielecki

For 8 years I have been connected with Estonia, or rather with traces of Estonians in Poland during World War II. In my spare time, I examine the fate of Estonian soldiers who stood in unequal combat in Lower Silesia and Opole in 1945.

Marta Perlikiewicz

A German teacher by education, during working hours dealing with translations.
An artist by passion, a master of sewing machines and applied art.

dr hab. Krzysztof Urbaniak

Krzysztof Urbaniak is the head of the Department of Church Organ and Music and the Rector's representative for international cooperation of the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź.

Aleksandra Kalisz

PhD in linguistics, an assistant in the Department of History of the Polish Language. In 2012, she graduated from Polish studies at the University of Silesia.

Małgorzata Grzonka

Student of Polish philology and psychology at the University of Silesia, chairwoman of the Student Council of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia, a member of the Society of Polish Language Lovers.

Liisi Laineste

In her normal life, Liisi is a folklorist researching humour and memes. On certain moments, she is an aficionado of Polish language and culture with a special interest in pronunciation, contemporary literature and dances.